Commissioned by the Scottish Government Technology Enabled Care Programme a survey was designed and distributed by NHS Education for Scotland to a wide range of social care, housing and health care stakeholders across Scotland.

The aim of the survey was to gain an understanding of the workforces learning, development and support needs around technology enabled care.

Specifically, the objectives were:

How technology is currently used in delivering health, housing, social care and support services and how this may change in the future.

Current confidence in using technology to deliver health, housing, care and support.

Current access to learning and support in technology enabled care.

Insights into future learning opportunities and support that would be helpful to deliver future technology enabled care.

Insights into any challenges which may impact on abilities to embed technology enabled care into everyday practice.

Views were welcomed from all staff in health, social care, housing and support services; including those who did not currently use technology enabled care.

1. Spelling and grammar may have been corrected.

Analysis of the questionnaire was undertaken via descriptive statistics and free text responses were grouped into themes.  Verbatim quotes1 are included to highlight workforce views and experiences.

Commissioned by the Scottish Government Technology Enabled Care Programme

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