The Scottish Government’s ‘2020 Vision’ is that by 2020 everyone will be able to live longer healthier lives at home or in a homely setting.

The adoption of digital technologies is part of this vision, and is highlighted as a key role for the '2020 Workforce Vision'.

We will respond to the needs of the people we care for, adapt to new, improved ways of working, and work seamlessly with colleagues and partner organisations.  We will continue to modernise the way we work and embrace technology.  We will do this in a way that lives up to our core values.

Together, we will create a great place to work and deliver a high quality healthcare service which is among the best in the world."

Over the last ten years, digital technologies have revolutionised the way we live, communicate, access information and deliver services. With the ongoing transformation and integration of health and social care services partnership working across public, private and 3rd sectors is increasing.

 Innovative models of health and care, increased access to information, advice, care and support and more efficient use of our workforce knowledge,  skills and capacity will help empower people to self-manage and self-direct their own health, care and wellbeing.

Given the Scottish strategic landscape around the integral role that technology is expected to play in the delivery of safe, high quality and cost-effective health and care services, there was a need to understand the current and future workforce knowledge, confidence, experiences and learning needs around using technology in health, housing, care and support services.

In response to growing pressures, priorities and ever-changing demands and expectations on modern day health, care and wellbeing services it is important that the workforce have the necessary skills and knowledge to confidently apply technology enabled care into practice.


Commissioned by the Scottish Government Technology Enabled Care Programme

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